The Lenticular Lens: Addressing Various Aspects of Entity Disambiguation in the Semantic Web

Cinema Context as Linked Open Data: Converting an online Dutch film culture dataset to RDF

This paper describes the process of converting Cinema Context, an online dataset on Dutch film culture, into Linked Open Data. It covers our experiences in this conversion process from the steps of data cleaning and modeling, up to publishing and …

Linked Data on historical persons: publishability, interconnectivity and sustainability

We have come a long way since the floppy-drive based datasets researchers would refuse to share. Actually, quite a lot of data is coming out as Linked (Open) Data, but this presents us with new challenges. Specifically for the case of publishing, …

Cinema Context As Linked Open Data: A Conversion To RDF

Cinema Context as Linked Open Data: A Conversion to RDF. Cinema Context is an online MySQL database containing places, persons and companies involved in more than 100,000 film screenings in the Netherlands since 1895. In 2020, this relational …

The Montias Case

The demo shows the intersection of datasets the [Golden Agents project](https://www.goldenagents.org/) is working with, as shown on top of a single archival book (NA 2408) from the [Amsterdam City Archives](https://archief.amsterdam/). The demo is built with Mirador version 3 and uses the iiif Presentation API version 3.0.


Reconstructions and Observations in Archival Resources - Golden Agents' LODLAM challenge entry


Ontology to describe Reconstructions and Observations in Archival Resources