Linking Cinema Data. An interactive workshop on bridging multiple cinema datasets through Linked Open Data


In this interactive workshop we will bring together cinema datasets as Linked Open Data (LOD) and explore the research potential of this approach. The workshop consists of two parts. In the first, online, pre-conference part on Wednesday 8 June 3-5 pm CET, we will focus on the data preparation process and the data model. Participants can provide a description and small sample of their own datasets – in their current, non-LOD format – upon registration for the pre-conference workshop. In the second part, which will take place at the HoMER conference on Wednesday 6th July 2022, 14.00-16.00, we will focus on working with the linked data and writing data stories that showcase the types of research questions that we can pose to combined data sets, such as Wikidata (e.g., for contextual information on cinemas and movies). Examples of questions we expect to investigate include: Which of the films screened during WWII are still shown in European cities in the early 1950s? Which German film stars kept on showing up on other Europeans screens?